RILEM Proceedings Book, NUCPERF 2009 Workshop (Long Term Performance of Cementitious Barriers and Reinforced Concrete in Nuclear Power Plants and Waste Management (EFC Event n°317), e-ISBN 978-2-35158-087-5, Print-ISBN 978-2-35158-072-1, 119-124
  Effect of decalcification on the performance of carbon microfiber reinforced cement-based materials
  Sanchez, F; Borwankar, A; Ince, C
  The effect of decalcification on the physical, mechanical (compressive and splitting tensile strengths) and microstructural properties of carbon microfiber (CF) reinforced cement-based materials was studied. Exposure to ammonium nitrate solution was used to accelerate decalcification. The CFs were added to Portland cement (PC) pastes at a loading of 0.5% per weight of cement. The mass loss of the cement pastes, penetration depths of ammonium nitrate into the pastes, and change in strengths were measured. Results indicated that the presence of the CFs affected the alteration of the mechanical properties of the PC paste. RILEM 2009.